MA RMV Sticks It To Consumers Again

Another reason the average MA driver has to dislike the Registry of Motor Vehicles:
Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Celia J. Blue, just announced she will not reverse her decision to charge $25 for an updated registration on every car that changes insurance companies despite strong opposition from consumer and insurance agent groups against the abusive fee.
The RMV just raised fees on almost every transaction earlier this year and now they’ve added insult to injury by ramming another fee onto drivers. Ms Blue stated that to not charge the fee would reduce revenue to the RMV. This is another example of the Patrick administrations complete disregard for the taxpayers of MA. As long as he can keep spending more on government every year, he’ll be as happy as a pig in mud.
The only way this will ever be reversed is if you contact your state representative and complain. Post your thoughts on their Facebook pages and send them emails….it will make a difference.

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