Smartphone Apps Help Document Your Claim

3 new smartphone apps have been released (all free) to help policyholders document their stuff so if a fire or theft happened, the app could be used to prove what they had to the insurance company.

The apps are: “Your Plan“, “III Inventory“, and “Scr.APP.bk“.

They all are a little different in what they do and each has features that are pretty cool:

  • Google Crisis Response is built into the “Your Plan” app.
  • “Scr.APP.bk” has a simple user interface and inventory entry system as well as a library of information you might need if you had a claim.
  • “III Inventory” is the most robust app and includes the ability to document several locations, search your inventory for specific items, photograph your belongings from within the app.

We use both the “Your Plan” and “III Inventory” and feel these take care of all our inventory and crisis planning needs.