Have you registered your phone numbers on your state federal “Do not call” list but you still get sales calls offering lower interest loans, replacement windows….or whatever?

You can sue the offending caller if you’ve asked them to stop calling and they don’t, or you file your complaint with these organization who work on behalf of consumers:

By State DNC lists:

FCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:


Office Closed For Juno

Massachusetts has mandated no driving today so we have no employees that can get to work. Our phone system does have instructions for making a claim if you have one today. If there is any other urgent need to contact us there is an option when you call our office to connect to a live person.

Every insurance policy contains a provision that allows you to make temporary repairs that are necessary to keep further damage from happening. You don’t need to contact the insurance company or us in advance in order to make those repairs. Just save any receipts and take photos of the damage if you can.

Office Hours

Our office will be closed Christmas Day and will be open on the 26th (Friday) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Anyone needing to report a claim can do so 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply call the insurance company who issued your policy. Our website has links to all our insurance company partners.

If you have an emergency other than a claim, call our main telephone number and follow the prompts for emergency service.

Happy Holidays.

MA RMV Sticks It To Consumers Again

Another reason the average MA driver has to dislike the Registry of Motor Vehicles:
Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Celia J. Blue, just announced she will not reverse her decision to charge $25 for an updated registration on every car that changes insurance companies despite strong opposition from consumer and insurance agent groups against the abusive fee.
The RMV just raised fees on almost every transaction earlier this year and now they’ve added insult to injury by ramming another fee onto drivers. Ms Blue stated that to not charge the fee would reduce revenue to the RMV. This is another example of the Patrick administrations complete disregard for the taxpayers of MA. As long as he can keep spending more on government every year, he’ll be as happy as a pig in mud.
The only way this will ever be reversed is if you contact your state representative and complain. Post your thoughts on their Facebook pages and send them emails….it will make a difference.

Let’s Talk Money

Our July/August issue of Let’s talk money is now ready here:

Articles included:

Handle an inheritance with care
If you receive an inheritance, you may be tempted to spend it impulsively. But could you put that money to better use? Investing your inheritance and allowing it to grow could make a significant difference in your and your loved ones’ future.

Let’s talk estate strategy Q&A
• What’s a good way for grandparents to give money to young grandchildren?

How to relax and enjoy your vacation
Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. However, if you don’t plan properly, you can wind up more stressed at the end of your trip than you were at the beginning. We list a few tips for travelers.

Fixed annuities: the DIY retirement income plan
A fixed annuity offers a steady stream of income during retirement that can help supplement your other sources of income. Seek professional advice when you are deciding if a fixed annuity is right for your retirement strategy.

By the numbers: the business of travel
Travel is a booming business. Here’s a look at some travel statistics from the U.S. Travel Association.
Stick to a spending diet
When it comes to budgeting, it doesn’t matter whether you track expenses long term, short term or somewhere in between. The key is creating a realistic budget that you’re willing to stick to.
Top 3 roadblocks to financial well-being
Your financial security could be in jeopardy if you spend too much on things you don’t need, are in too much debt and don’t tuck money away for a rainy day.
No place like home
If something were to unexpectedly happen to you, the last thing you would want is for your family to worry about losing their home. Buying sufficient life insurance can help ensure that your spouse would be able to afford the mortgage and other home-related expenses and that your family could maintain their lifestyle.
Let’s talk insurance Q&A
• What is involved in the insurance underwriting process?
• Should life insurance policies and other documents be kept in a safe deposit box?

Live your dream of retiring
Retirement doesn’t have to be something you only dream about. By being flexible with your retirement date, having multiple sources of income and being realistic about your retirement expenses, you can attain the retirement you want.

Let’s talk retirement Q&A
• If you participate in your employer’s retirement plan, do you need to have other retirement investments, too?
• What is the average percentage of pay deferred to employer sponsored retirement plans?

Choosing the right caregiver
In-home care may be a good option if you can no longer care for your loved one on your own. But before you hire a caregiver, determine the type of care that is needed, ask friends and neighbors for referrals and examine each potential hire’s credentials. Many long-term care insurance policies cover the costs of qualifying care provided in the home.
Let’s talk retirement Q&A
• Would converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA be worthwhile for someone nearing retirement?

Learning to live with (and appreciate) employee vacations
Vacations can be beneficial for employees and employers. Not only does taking a vacation boost morale and wellness, it also can have a positive effect on employee performance and productivity. Having a comprehensive, competitive benefits package helps employers attract and retain employees.
Let’s talk business Q&A
• How can employers show employees how much their benefits cost?
• Can a company still contribute to an employee’s SEP-IRA after the employee reaches age 70½?

Rising interest rates: should you worry?
You can’t let uncertainty about the direction of interest rates hold you back from investing. This article explains several ways you can help cushion your portfolio against the effects of fluctuating rates.
Let’s talk retirement Q&A
• If you participate in your employer’s retirement plan, do you need to have other retirement investments, too?
• What is the average percentage of pay deferred to employer sponsored retirement plans?

Mothers, daughters, money managers
Caregivers have many responsibilities. Sometimes those responsibilities include managing finances. If you’re given power of attorney, you must act in your loved one’s best interest, manage money and property carefully and maintain accurate financial records.

Let’s talk retirement Q&A
• If you participate in your employer’s retirement plan, do you need to have other retirement investments, too?
• What is the average percentage of pay deferred to employer sponsored retirement plans?